Every driver is required to watch and listen to the slideshow below and then complete the quiz at the end.  

All quizzes must be submitted by September 15, 2020.  Those with a score of 100% will be entered into a drawing for a gift card!

REMINDER Short Haul Exemption ONLY applies to Sherwin Drivers. 

If you have any questions contact safety at 704-873-6901

Take the Quiz
1. The new HOS rules will give drivers more flexability
2. When will the new HOS Rules go into effect?
3. Adverse Driving is only for when conditions were NOT known and could NOT be known prior to driving.
4. Which of these is an Adverse Condition?
5. The Adverse Driving Conditions Exception adds two hours to your:
6. 30 Minute break is required after 8 hours of driving:
7. 30 minute break can be on duty not driving even at shipper/receiver:
8. Sleeper Berth Provision is commonly called Split Logs
9. New Split Log Sleeper Berth rule requires a minimum of how many consecutive hours in the sleeper berth:
10. Do the hours in sleeper or off duty count in the 14 hour day?


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